Solar Design Subscription

Starting at $750 per month

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Who is this service for?

Engineering and Sales leaders at starting C&I solar companies looking for a couple of Engineering Documents to fulfill their customer demand

What problems does this service address?

You are required to provide more engineering for your customers but you don't have the bandwidth or budget to increase the output.

You are doing the engineering work yourself, or your team is overworked.

You are relying on freelancers, but spend too much time revising their work or chasing them.

You are thinking about hiring an in-house engineer but don't have the time and budget for it.

What is the service?

For a monthly fee of $750 per month you get 750 credits per month (non-renewable, non-transferable and non-rollover) which can be used to purchase the following inside our platform:

1. Preliminary designs (residential and C&I)

2. Solar sales proposals (residential and C&I)

3. Permit packages / plan sets (residential and C&I)

What is included in the service?
  • The document/design/proposal/package
  • 2 revisions per document to meet SOPs
  • Instant communication (chat) with our Solar Engineers
  • Quality Assurance on the engineering requested
  • 2 hours of phone/video call with an Engineering Manager per month

Quality Assurance support:

  • Design following Elastic's SOPs
  • Unlimited revisions to meet SOPs
  • Revision window during the service

What can I get with $750 per month

25 preliminary designs (residential)


25 sales proposals (residential)


10 permit packages (residential)


6 preliminary designs (C&I)


6 sales proposals (C&I)


3 permit packages (C&I)

What is included in a preliminary design?

For Residential:

  • Each design costs 30 credits
  • Design in OpenSolar or your software of preference like Aurora (account provided by customer)
  • Shade analysis

For Commercial:

  • Each design costs 125 credits
  • Design in OpenSolar or your software of preference like Helioscope (account provided by customer)
  • Example here 
What is included in a sales proposal?

For Residential:

For Commercial:

  • Each proposal costs 125 credits per meter
  • Proposal created using customer's account like Energy Toolbase or Aurora
  • Example of a proposal here .
What is included in a permit package (plan set)?

For Residential:

  • Each plan set / permit package costs 75 credits

For Commercial:

  • Each plan set / permit package costs 250 credits
  • Includes the following pages:
    • Cover Page
    • General Notes
    • Array Layout
    • String Layout
    • Single / Three-line diagram
    • Placards
    • Monitoring Details
    • Structural Plan
    • Catalogue Documents
  • An example can be found here and here .

Not included on both residential and commercial plan sets:

  • PE Structural stamps
  • PE Electrical stamps
What are the turnaround times?
  • 1 hour - Residential preliminary designs
  • 1 hour - Residential proposals
  • 3 days - Residential plan sets
  • 2 hours - Commercial preliminary designs
  • 2 hours - Commercial sales proposals
  • 1 week - Commercial plan sets
How long does the service takes to start?


You only need to sign up into our Solar Engineering Platform by clicking below, and you will be ready to start requesting Solar Engineering Docs.

Sign up here

How do we get started?
  • Click here , and sign up into our Solar Engineering Platform
  • You will be able purchase the different packages through our platform
  • Once the purchase is made, our platform will send a Calendly link to book the Onboarding Session with our Engineering Manager.
  • You can start requesting Solar Engineering Documents through our platform
How does billing work?
  • We will bill you every start of the cycle.
  • The service has a minimum commitment of 3 months.
  • After the 3 months end, the service will renew on a monthly basis.

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