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We embed full-time expert solar engineers ready to perform work, with quality assurance included, and at 70% the cost.

Trusted by 100+ customers to fuel business growth

How it works

We'll help you:

  • Embed our trained engineer into your organization
  • Provide Quality Assurance on their work
  • Assign and manage work on your behalf

What you'll get:

  • A full-time solar engineer (160 hours per month) working for you
  • Unlimited preliminary designs, sales proposals and permit packages
  • Help with other engineering tasks / projects
Supporting all solar engineering tools

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We embed into your process a full-time trained solar engineer. Whether you have specific SOPs or you want to use ours.


Sit back and grow

Our dedicated engineer will start providing engineering work as part of your team.


Daily and/or Weekly Reports: 

We send you a daily or weekly report, depending on your preference of data.

Elastic By The Numbers

8 years of experience working with +100 solar companies in 2 countries and projects in +30 cities completed across North America.

130 MW

per month processed for customers by our Solar Engineers


Solar Professionals in our Platform


Solar Companies we've helped


Cities where we provide support

Much more than just solar design
at 70% the cost

What customers say

Your work is a source of delight!

Ben Montclair

Head of Project Operations
Lumen Energy

What roles do we provide?

Solar Design Engineers

How can they help:

  • Preliminary designs
  • Fesibility Studies
  • Proposals
  • Permit Packages
  • Interconnection & PTO Applications
  • General research
  • Any other engineering project / task you can think of
  • Residential and C&I


How can they help:

  • General project management
  • On-site installation supervision
  • On-site safety training and PPE
  • On-site Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Equipment procurement
  • Status reporting to management
  • Coordination of installers
  • Residential and C&I


How can they help:

  • Site surveys
  • Installation

Equipment we can install

  • PV Solar Panels
  • String and micro inverters
  • Optimizers
  • Battery Storage
  • EV Chargers
  • Racking equipment
  • Energy monitoring

Let's Face It, Releasing your Team from busywork is the Right Thing to Do for Your Business

As previous founders of solar installation and financing companies ourselves, we were always looking for levers to increase productivity in our team and profits for our businesses. 

We built Elastic to help high performing teams release busywork and be a lever for growth. We know that embedding highly qualified operating solar engineers can help reduce soft costs by $96,000 per engineer per year.

Pricing that pays for itself

Engineering Design Subscription


750 credits per month

Types of docs you can ask for

Preliminary solar designs (up to 25)

Solar sales proposals (up to 25)

Permit packages (up to 10)


What you'll get

Engineering docs

Unlimited revisions to meet SOPs

Chat & phone support on same time zone 

*Each type of doc has a different credit cost.

Full-time Solar Engineers


Get a full-time solar engineer

We'll help you

Get a top 1% solar engineer

Train them to your SOPs

Quality Assurance on their work

What you'll get

A full-time solar engineer (160 hours per month)

Unlimited solar designs, proposals and permit packages

*While most roles are $3,750 per month some premium roles (project managers, field solar engineers, etc...) might require a higher monthly investment.


Who is this service for?

Engineering and Sales leaders at growing C&I and residential solar companies looking to provide the solar engineering output required by their departments

What problems does this service address?

You are required to provide more engineering for your customers but you don't have the bandwidth or budget to increase the output.

You are doing the engineering work yourself, or your team is overworked.

You are relying on freelancers, but spend too much time revising their work or chasing them.

You are thinking about hiring an in-house engineer but don't have the time and budget for it.

What is the service?

Step 1: We will understand your actual SOP (standard operating procedure) or process to produce the solar engineering work

Step 2: We will place a full-time dedicated solar engineer in your team that will perform the work according to your SOPs

Step 3: A Quality Assurance fractional team will be revising the work for it to comply with your SOPs

Step 4: You will get the desired output

What is included in the service?
  • A full-time solar engineer trained to your SOPs
  • A QA team that will revise work to your SOPs
  • En Engineering Manager that will support you through email, chat or phone

Can the SolarEngineer do other things besides designs, permit packages and proposals?

Absolutely! We encourage you to treat the SolarEngineer as a member of your team that can help with other engineering tasks.

Here are a couple of ideas in which SolarEngineers can help you:

  • Research of incentives (i.e. IRA adders, state tax incentives for solar, etc.)
  • Researching equipment distributors and installers in certain regions
  • Utility bill or data scraping

What type of roles can a SolarEngineer have?

We offer a variety of roles:

  • Solar PV Designer
  • Project Manager
  • CAD Designer

What is the formal education of a SolarEngineer?

All of our engineers are college educated by the top Mexican universities

We have the following engineers:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

How will having a SE benefit you?
  • Will allow you to provide the engineering output required to your company
  • Will allow you or your team to invest time on higher leverage tasks or strategic projects
  • Will improve the quality of your engineering work
  • Will allow you to create more proposals for your customers
  • Overall will improve your Gross Margins
How long does the service takes to start?

You will have a full-time SolarEngineer in less than 3 weeks.

But as soon as you sign up, we can start producing engineering output for you with our fractional team members.

How do we get started?
  • Click the button below, leave your details, and we'll send the Statement of Work and Master Services Agreement
  • Once you sign those, we'll send a Calendly link to book the Onboarding Session with our Engineering Manager.
  • Pay the full amount listed in the SOW, within 30 days of signing using the Stripe payment link that we will send you.
How does billing work?
  • We will bill you every start of the month.
  • The service has a minimum commitment of 6 months.
  • We offer a 2-week free trial.

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