Outsourced ☀️  solar installation crews starting at $0.35/watt

We'll provide outsourced installation at 70% lower price than in-house crews, with no redline pricing, IRA compliant at any volume, so you can focus on growing your business and selling more.

Trusted by 100+ customers to fuel business growth

You need solar crews to install the projects you're selling but don't have the resources or bandwidth to get them

Getting an in-house crew requires significant investment of time and money to get good quality installations
You need extra labor capacity in a new or existing location
Your current installation labor costs are going up and are unreliable

Elastic provides
dedicated solar installation crews
(without breaking the bank)

Our team's incentives are based on quality and customer satisfaction
A wide range of engineers supporting your customer during the process, from customer scheduling, to expert design engineers to customer support.
Our crew is embedded into your process without adopting a new software tool

What customers say

Your work is a source of delight!

Ben Montclair

Head of Project Operations
Lumen Energy

Simple Pricing That Pays For Itself

Outsourced Solar Installation


per watt based on volume

Some perks

For residential and C&I

We can install PV, PV + Battery, and EV chargers

Scheduling team

Quality Assurance team


Dedicated Solar Crews

Special Pricing

configurable according to your needs

We'll help you with

Determining the right amount of crew members

Trained to your SOPs

Quality Assurance on their work

Scheduling back office

White-label crew members

Other Crew Services

We can help with

Site survey

Interconnection service

Final inspection services

PTO submission services

System activation services

MPU services

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